About Castle Kids

Our Vision and Values

Believing that children are a gift, our purpose is to encourage and support individual learning within a loving, caring environment based on Christian values.

Castle Kids Management will endeavour to
  • Provide high quality, affordable education and care for all children.
  • Employ qualified Early Childhood teachers who are committed Christians whenever possible, or teachers willing to uphold the unique character of Castle Kids.
  • Maintain low child/teacher ratios and continuity of staff, building security for the children and enriching their learning and development.
  • Ensure centres are vibrant, well maintained, resourced with good quality, age appropriate equipment and safe for all.
Castle Kids Teachers work together with Management to
  • Provide a welcoming positive atmosphere that is nurturing and caring, one where all children, families and staff are valued.
  • Promote an atmosphere that is happy, stimulating but calm, nourishing the wellbeing of children, families and staff.
  • Build trusting, strong and affirming personal relationships with the children, their families and whanau, by having open channels of communication.
  • Offer a safe and vibrant learning environment in which children can develop through having fun, being encouraged to risk take and to follow their own interests through free play and/or teacher led experiences.
  • See that teaching practices reflect the values of the Bible, weaving the Fruits of the Spirit (love, peace, faithfulness, joy, patience, self-control, gentleness and kindness) with Te Whaariki into teaching and planning.
  • Honour and respect The Treaty of Waitangi, (Te Tiriti o Waitangi) being proactive around the teaching and use of Te Reo Maori.
  • Role model strong values, consideration of each other and the world around them.
  • Ensure respect for their colleagues’ unique personalities, accepting limitations, but promoting strengths, helping to build professional relationships and teaching practices.

ERO Report

ERO is an independent, external evaluation agency that undertakes reviews of schools and early childhood services throughout New Zealand. To view our latest report visit www.ero.govt.nz

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