Welcome to Pioneers

Offering a specialised programme for 4 year olds.

Castle Kids Pioneers is a unique, vibrant Centre with a focus on preparing children for school, working in conjunction with the local schools.

Totally dedicated, our team are all fully qualified Early Childhood Education teachers. They stimulate and grow these young minds with learning through fun and play.

We embrace modern technology and this is a tool through which we extend learning. We help the children learn through teaching them foundation skills in order to set them up for life.

The caring team provides such a warm welcome for all, that parents love to hang around for a while and be part of what is happening.

Celebrations, special guests and links to the wider world add an extra dimension to the day and the children get involved with their parents/whanau, by adding news, photos and Facebook feedback.

The outside area, huge sandpit and vege gardens give and encourage experiences for exploration, risk taking and creativity, as well as an area to “let off steam”. Walks and trips into the community add a link to what is happening around us.

And just across our garden is Adventurers, a Centre for your 2 and 3 year olds.  So just one drop off for your family.

We are one family working, loving and learning under one roof.

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7 Weggery Drive, Waikanae
+64 4 902 2543

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